Destination: Prague, Czech Republic

Travel Style: Solo

Length: 10 days

Popularity is growing as each summer passes by. With its profound gothic and Czech baroque architecture the streets were filled with the hustle and bustle of tourist. Staying in Prague 2 at the Post Hostel Prague was the perfect location to avoid the main quarter but still be easily accessible to old town square. And might I say, the beer garden overlooking the horizon was the icing to the cake. This is the first time visiting Prague and the warmth and vitality coming from the streets of Prague turnover a new leaf as I explore the Eastern European side. Of course, I became one of those tourists. But it was oh so enjoyable.  

In all the different hours of the day, Prague shone a new light, as each street was different to the next. From Gingerbread cookies to puppeteers to the absinthe liquor stores. Tranquility to the hustle and bustle to the relaxing beer at the end of the day, Prague is the dose of Eastern Europe meets Western Europe.