Destination: Paris, France

Travel Style: With a companion

Length: 20 Days

This is my second time visiting Paris and the first thing I did is purchase the recommended Ernest Hemingway novel A Moveable Feast and Andy Warhol The Philosophy of Andy Warhol. The two books complemented each besides the fact that the two were written in different periods. Viewing Paris through Hemingway's eyes reflected the way I travelled and the so-called "romanticised" view of the city. The field of selfie sticks and iconic tourist shot of a finger touching the tip of the Lourve became an initiation for a tourist in Paris. Living like a local was the objective for this trip.

Living in République was an eye opener as I never seen Paris quite like this before. The scattered graffiti and vigils surrounding their lady of liberty. The tingling aroma of heated urine on the walls as I walked by a man peeing in the corner for the public to see. Young and old skaters grinding their skateboards against the ledges of Place de la République, circulating a hub of protestors preaching in a circle. This is Paris. The wound that was left by the terror that has been happening around the world is now a scar that the Parisians have mended.

Every night during the stay here, Place de la République was always crowded with people. Standing in the middle you see officials roaming around in large groups circulating like a predator to a prey. Chants started. That was my cue. I headed back to the apartment. Sirens were blasting every hour and the chants became louder; as though moving around in the streets. The later the nights became with the constant chant, it became like a melody. I fell asleep.

Every morning as I walked to République station there were little remains from the night before. The broken wine bottles. The splatter of red wine across the wall. The clogged drains of cigarette butts and the multiple workers cleaning the streets.